How to Access Help for Your Network After Hours

Video Transcript Hi! Im Ada Wan, General Manager here at Idealogical Systems and this is my sidekick, Wayne Westernacher –Schneider. We call him Wayne W for short. Today, we wanna talk to you about why the number 2 is the most important number for you our customer to always remember. Our clients ask us all […]

The Importance of Proper Organization

Video Transcript Hi I’m Brad Sutton an IT Manager at Idealogical Systems and today were talking about the importance of file organization. Since you’re watching this video your desktop might look something like this… Hey, we’re not judging here. We see this all the time. Seriously. While we never like to admit it, we like […]

How to Use the Idealogical Portal

Video Transcript Lots of our clients asks us, what is the best way to get help for their computer problems? Well today, I’m here to tell you: the Idealogical Portal. This is where you can enter tickets, see what’s going on with other tickets you may have entered and even check out our knowledge base. […]

Virus Awareness

Video Transcript Hi! Brad again from Idealogical. Today, I’m three people. Myself, Darren he’s a fancy guy and Sean even fancier. Check out his hat. If you’ve used a computer in the last of few years, you’ve probably heard the term virus being thrown around and it’s a vague term for lots of different types […]

What is E-Mail Blacklisting?

Video Transcript No one ever thinks it will happen to them, until it does. You’re going about your day, emailing your clients, but no one seems to be getting back to you. Have you ever entered some strange alternate reality where you no longer exist. You check in with your colleague, who acknowledges your existence. […]