Budgeting for Technology Expenses

Video Transcript Hi there, my name is Ada and I am the Vice President and General Manager here at Idealogical Systems. Today I would like to take a few minutes to discuss why it’s critical for a business like yours to ensure that you budget adequately and regularly for your technology expenses. On an average […]

How to Avoid Being Fooled by Spam Phishing Emails

Video Transcript Hi! I’m Brad from Idealogical Systems and today I’m here with my trusted colleague Darren. For the sake of this video you can call us “Brarren” and today we’re going to talk about Phishing. I love Fishing! No! Stop! Stop! Stop! We’re talking about Phishing with a PH today. While fishing with an […]

How to Send Your Computer in for Repair

Video Transcript Hello my name is Attilio, Video Editor here at Idealogical and usually I’m on the other side of the camera but for the purpose of this video I’m here to talk to you about something very important: how to properly pack and send in your machines to us at Idealogical. Sometimes, for one […]

How to Create a Strong Password

Video Transcript HI there! I’m Wayne and I’m here to talk about your needs – more specifically one need. One that every computer user should be considering and that’s the need for a strong password. Viruses and malware are getting more and more complicated, now what if your computer gets stolen? For anyone who tries […]

4 Tips for Safe Web Browsing

Video Transcript Hi there! Sean here at Idealogical. I’m with John today and were here to talk to you about Safe web browsing. In today’s internet world, it’s no secret that it’s very easy for you to get a virus or type your information into a fake website when you’re online. There’s a lot of […]

Why Mobile Data Encryption is Important

Video Transcript Don’t you just love cool USB keys? They come on all shapes and sizes and they keep getting cheaper and cheaper, they even have cute ones like this one. People like to take their data around them, they like to keep them on little USB keys, big USB keys, fancy USB keys, external […]

Learn about the Cryptolocker Virus

  Video Transcript Hi there! Today I’m here to talk to you about the Cryptolocker Virus. The Cryptolocker Virus is a type of virus that we call Ransomware. It’s called Ransomware because that’s exactly what it does. It holds your computer for ransom. The Cryptolocker Virus is capable of holding all of your files on […]