Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Error Messages

Video Transcript

HI! John and Zaid here, we’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t ignore error message on your computer.

Don’t you hate when you’re working on your computer and everything’s fine and all of a sudden you get a pop up. It’s no problem. You just have to close it. But wait? Is it just a pop up? Maybe it was an error message. We all have the same reaction. After all the computers are running. So we just head ok and move on. But it’s important not to ignore these messages.

Error pop ups happens for a reason. It’s how your computer tells you it has a problem. If you choose to ignore your error messages you could lose all your information because your computer might crash and restart. Knowing what all these error messages do can be a bit difficult. If you need help with them you can or else take a screenshot of it and send it in: helpdesk@idealogical.com and we can help with you it. Sending a screenshot is easy. On a pc, all you have to do to get the picture is use a snipping tool. Open a program and drag around the error message. Copy the image the program makes with Control C then paste it with Control V. On a Mac just press Command Shift 3 and that will make the picture file on a desktop of everything being displayed on your computer. You can just attach that picture file to an email and send it.

And that’s it. You don’t need to be afraid of error messages. You just need to pay attention to them. There are a lot of different types of errors out there. Just make sure you read them and don’t ignore them.