How Do You Manage Mobile Devices to Maximize Efficiency?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software that controls, secures and enforces usage policy on an organization’s laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Think of it as a centralized control room that monitors suspicious activity, controls data access, and intervenes when an employee comes across a challenge on their device.

MDM is a perfect solution for two kinds of organizations – one with a remote or hybrid work environment and another where your employees are out of the office for meetings or travels.

What Security Benefits Will MDM Bring?  

Automated Updates & Back-up

Outdated software will result in vulnerability openings for attackers to get into your corporate networks, for example, Zero Day attacks.

Zero-Day vulnerability attacks are freshly discovered software exposure where developers have “zero days” to fix the problem. Once the problem is fixed, companies advise all users to patch or update their devices immediately; failure to do so leaves you open to attack from hackers.

An example: Apple had 10 Zero-Days in 2022, causing users to update their devices on more than one occasion. And most recently, Apple rolled out another security update to address a zero-day flaw on February 14th, 2023. So, attackers had ten separate opportunities to exploit iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices.

Additional monitoring will reduce being exposed to outdated software applications. Outdated applications can increase a user’s risk of gaps and vulnerabilities, exposing them to penitential outside threats. With MDM, we can push out software updates to all devices to ensure no critical updates are missed creating an efficient and secure IT environment.

Remote Access 

A lost or stolen device can result in valuable company data falling into the wrong hands. Lost data puts an organization’s IT infrastructure at risk opening them up to multiple vulnerabilities. With the help of iCloud backup, we can remotely lock or wipe a lost or stolen device, ensuring all data is safe and secured within the cloud.

Protection of Company data – Set permissions & password enforcement

Once a device connects to your company database, your data could be at risk. The user can access confidential, financial, and personal information.MDM enables you to set permissions, set strong passwords and restrict sharing between these files. Also, it adds an additional layer of protection by restricting what apps can be used or downloaded on their devices.

How Does MDM Work on Apple Devices?

For all Apple iOS devices, we use Apple Business Manager (ABM) to activate Addigy (MDM software) on all devices.

ABM enables automated device enrollment, giving organizations a fast way to deploy MDM to new employees without physically touching or preparing each device. And in a

scenario where the phone is lost or stolen, AMB will only grant the user access to that company ID.

Once ABM is installed, we use Addigy and Intune to configure all devices’ policies, restrictions, and commands.

This will bring your organization the following benefits:

  • Inventory Tracking: All devices within the organization will be accounted for.
  • Zero-touch deployment: New team members are onboarded securely and quickly.
  • Push Configurations: Remotely update security policy to all devices, for example, stricter password policies.
  • Custom Compliance: Continuous improvements and software updates.
  • Patch Management: Prevent delays, fix bugs early, and minimize downtime by rolling out new updates.

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