B2B IT Vendor Expectations vs. Reality

Your time has come, and your manager has finally given you the green light to find an IT provider who will relieve you of your IT duties and be a partner you can trust to solve your day-to-day IT challenges.

The issue is that you have already had the experience of using an IT vendor who has left you with unrealistic expectations in sourcing your next IT partner. So, before investing your time and energy, debunk your expectations to discover the reality of working with a trustworthy vendor.

1. IT Vendors will only Help to Remediate Problems vs. IT Support can Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Expectations: An IT vendor will continually solve all your technical problems, allowing you to do your day-to-day business. They are only there to ensure all issues are dealt with once they occur.

Reality: Solving your firm’s day-to-day IT issues is their primary role, but an experienced IT partner will understand the value of using innovative technology to improve productivity and efficiency within your organization.

At Idealogical, our technical complexity managers will advise you on the right tools and processes to create efficient automation and workflows within your organization.

2. IT Vendors ensure your Business is Secure  vs. Not all IT Vendors are Equipped to Handle your IT Support & Cybersecurity

Expectations: IT vendors will address all your technical issues while protecting your organization from security threats. Given false reassurance, your organization is safe from any malicious activity.

Reality: Cybersecurity is a vast field, and not all IT vendors will specialize in support and cybersecurity. And many flat-fee vendors focus their efforts on offering IT support and quick fixes problems.

However, there are a select few IT service providers who specialize in both security and IT support. These IT partners will go through a thorough diagnosis of your IT infrastructure to get a better understanding of your IT environment.

3. Flat Fee to Receive High-Quality Service vs. Flat Fee Companies are Limited in What they can Do for You

Expectation: A cheaper flat fee will offer high-quality service and tools.

Reality: When vendors offer a cheaper flat fee monthly service often leads to day-to-day frustrations and inadequate support & services.

Low-fee vendors utilize cheaper tools, which leads to complications and open vulnerabilities—leaving your business more susceptible to threats.

4. IT Vendor will Remediate your Problems Straight Away vs. IT Vendors take the Necessary Time to Help Remediate your Problems 

Expectations: I will call up an IT Service provider who can fix and remediate my problems immediately.

Reality: Stay away from an IT provider who believes in immediate quick fixes because this will cause more issues in the long run. Instead, you want an IT partner to assess and evaluate your infrastructure before recommending a tailored solution.

5. An IT Vendor Who is a Silent Partner vs. An IT Vendor who is an Active Partner 

Expectations: An IT vendor is only communicated when there is only a problem or issue to be dealt with.

Reality: Contrary to common belief, developing a close relationship between your organization and your IT partner is critical. They should be an extension of your team, consistently communicating and updating one another. Nobody wants to be frustrated with complicated jargon-driven talk; we advise clear, concise, and straightforward conversations; essentially, what you hear is what you get.

6. All IT vendors are the Same vs. IT vendor offers Different Services

Expectation: All IT vendors are generic, care about a buck for the bang and will overcomplicate technical issues without guidance and empathy.

Reality: This is not true; there are IT service providers who are advocates for IOT security and genuinely care about empowering organizations with the knowledge and tools to do incredible things.

That is why we have technical complexity managers at Idealogical who guide and walk you through your IT problems.

We hope these points have raised your expectations on what to expect from your IT vendors. And once you’ve narrowed down your Top IT Partners, download the guide today to KNOW what questions to ask your IT Vendor.

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