4 Cybersecurity Cliches You Should Avoid!

Anyone who has ever worked in an office setting knows there are countless “work” cliches out there. Right from “it’s a win-win situation” to “drink the Kool-Aid” to “Grab the low-hanging fruit,” we have said it all and heard it all.

Only One Security Measure is Enough!  

One layer of security will not suffice in protecting your organization from cyber threats; this will upset threat actors’ cybercriminals – they work hard at their job – research their targets, and conduct extensive research to determine the best entry point.

Have you seen any heist movies? It starts with the heist team analyzing every inch of the target. First, we have the employees, the security guards, and the intricate systems, then entering the safe itself. And the heisters find every way to get through each layer of security and over-run any obstacles that may come their way.

That is precisely what cybercriminals do; that is why at Idealogical, we take a layered approach to protect your business’s critical assets. Our tools and expertise will prepare you for the worse and get you up and running.

I am too small – I am not a good target! 

Threat actors thrive on this approach towards security. It is essential to be actively aware and comprehend basic principles of security. If that were the case, there would not be an influx in the need for technical advisers, risk managers, and CIOs.

Creating shared responsibility encourages everyone to account for issues outside their job description. Inadvertently decreasing efficiency within the workplace and focusing their efforts elsewhere. Would you expect Jon from payroll to know how to back up his data? No, because he is not an expert in IT and security.

Yes, it is important for your employees to be aware and proactive, but it is not their job to ensure your company is safe from outside threats.

One Guy does it all – The One-Man-Band.

The common misconception that one guy can do it all has been damaging the operations of many organizations. If you are a company of 20 or 120 people, one person would not have the bandwidth to do it all.

IT Support and cybersecurity is a vast field – from database design to network monitoring, endpoint protection, patching, and penetration testing, and nobody can master it all. And therefore, it makes sense to partner with an outside IT service provider like Idealogical who brings a strong background of experience, skills, and certifications to support and stabilize your IT infrastructure.

Learn more about why you should hire an MSP for your business here.  

Quality Standards at an “Affordable” Flat Rate  

In the cybersecurity world, an “Affordable” Flat Rate does not necessarily mean receiving high-quality service; it means low to average service with out-of-date tools and hardware.

We understand you are continually looking for more ways to increase profits and minimize expenditures. And the first department to turn to is IT, and the last thing we advise is to start cutting costs for your security.

Yes, it may seem reasonable at first to eliminate costs that do not directly affect day-to-day operations. Still, in the long run, you’re opening the door to your organization to bigger, more expensive risks.

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